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Tank Pac PLASTEEL Pressure Tank

  • Model: TankPac
  • Capacity: 5 Gallons
  • Inlet: Inlet/ Outlet Size 1/4" MPT

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বিঃ দ্রঃ আমাদের প্রতিটি প্রোডাক্ট ক্যাশ অন ডেলিভারি এর মাধ্যমে আপনার ঠিকানায় পৌঁছে দেয়া হবে। প্রোডাক্ট ডেলিভারি এবং ইনস্টলেশন চার্জ প্রযোজ্য। যে কোনো বিষয়ে সহযোগিতার জন্য কল করুন: ০১৮১০০৩৩৫৫৫


Tank Pac is a brand of pressure tank designed for various water systems. It features a durable steel tank wrapped in a protective polypropylene shell. The tank has an inlet and outlet size of 1/4 MPT, allowing for easy connection to plumbing systems.

The pressure tank is equipped with a post-cured butyl rubber diaphragm, ensuring reliable performance and longevity. This diaphragm separates the water and air inside the tank, maintaining proper pressure levels and preventing waterlogging.

With a maximum temperature rating of 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the Tank Pac pressure tank is suitable for use in both hot and cold water applications. It is pre-charged at 6 psi, providing initial pressure for immediate use.

The maximum working pressure of the Tank Pac pressure tank is 100 psi, allowing it to withstand high-pressure environments without compromising performance or safety. The tank has a capacity of 5 gallons, making it suitable for various residential and light commercial applications.

The Tank Pac pressure tank has various use cases in residential and light commercial water systems.

Here's a typical use-case scenario:

  • Water Pressure Regulation: The Tank Pac pressure tank is commonly used in well water systems. It helps regulate water pressure by storing pressurized water. When the water pump is activated, it fills the tank, compressing the air inside and creating pressure. This stored pressure is then utilized to provide a steady and consistent flow of water throughout the system.
  • Pump Protection: The pressure tank acts as a buffer between the water pump and the plumbing system. It helps reduce the frequency of pump cycling by absorbing water surges and pressure fluctuations. This not only prevents rapid wear and tear of the pump but also reduces energy consumption by minimizing unnecessary pump activations.
  • Water Supply Stability: By maintaining a consistent water pressure, the Tank Pac pressure tank ensures a reliable and stable water supply. It helps prevent water hammering, which can cause pipes to rattle and fixtures to malfunction. The tank's capacity allows it to hold a sufficient amount of pressurized water, ensuring a steady flow during peak demand periods.
  • Expansion Control: Temperature changes can cause water to expand and contract. The Tank Pac pressure tank accommodates this expansion, helping to prevent damage to the plumbing system. The diaphragm inside the tank separates the air and water, allowing the water to expand into the tank as needed without putting excessive strain on the system.
  • Residential and Light Commercial Applications: The Tank Pac pressure tank is suitable for a range of applications, including residential homes, small businesses, and light commercial settings. It is commonly used in well water systems, booster pump systems, and irrigation systems to maintain consistent water pressure and optimize system performance.

Overall, the Tank Pac pressure tank provides a reliable and efficient solution for water pressure regulation, pump protection, and water supply stability. Its versatile application makes it a valuable component in various water systems, ensuring a consistent and uninterrupted water flow for residential and light commercial users.

PLASTEEL Pressure Tank

Tank Pac offers a reliable and efficient solution for maintaining consistent water pressure in water systems. Its durable construction, diaphragm technology, and suitable pressure ratings make it a versatile choice for different plumbing setups and water supply needs.

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