G-ion GC-100 Cation Resin

Brand: G-ion

Model: GC-100

Origin: USA

Moisture content: 45.00-50.00 %

Total exchange capacity: ≥4.50 mmol/g

Total exchange capacity: ≥1.90 mmol/ml

Shipping weight: 0.77-0.87 g/ml

True density: 1.250-1.290 g/ml

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BSR GC-100 Cation Exchange Resin

Model: GC-100

Moisture content: 46.00-52.00 %

Total exchange capacity: ≥4.50 mmol/g

Volume Exchange Capacity: ≥1.80 mmol/ml

Shipping weight: 0.77-0.87 g/ml

Particle size range: (0.315mm-1.250mm) ≥95.0 %

Lower limit size: (<0.315mm) ≤1.0 %

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G-ion GC-100 Anion Resin

Brand: G-ion

Model: GC-100

Origin: USA

Appearance: Flaxen to chryso spherical grain

Ionic form: Cl

Moisture content: 50.00-60.00 %

Total exchange capacity: ≥4.00 mmol/g

Strong f. exchange capacity: ≥3.70 mmol/g

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Ion Exchange Resin


Origin: Korea

Appearance: Gel type beads

Matrix: Styrene - DVB

Functional Group: Sulfonic acid

Ionic Form: Na+

Moisture Content: 43 - 50 %

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