Abdullah Al Mamun

Managing Director

Abdullah Al Mamun is a highly accomplished professional with a wealth of experience in the field of environment engineering, water and wastewater treatment, and water construction. As the Managing Director of Green Dot Limited, he holds a prominent position in the organization and is responsible for overseeing its operations and driving business growth.
Abdullah Al Mamun's educational background includes an MBA from the American University of Bangladesh, which has equipped him with a strong foundation in business management. Additionally, he has received professional marketing training from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) under Dhaka University, further enhancing his expertise in marketing and strategic planning.
With 17 years of experience in the industry, Abdullah Al Mamun has likely developed a deep understanding of the environmental engineering sector, specifically focusing on water and wastewater treatment. This expertise enables him to navigate the complexities of this field and implement sustainable solutions to address environmental challenges.
In addition to his technical expertise, Abdullah Al Mamun possesses a diverse skill set in areas such as business management, marketing, local trading, international market analysis, overseas trading, and business development. This broad range of expertise allows him to effectively lead Green Dot Limited and explore new opportunities for expansion, both domestically and internationally.
As the Managing Director, Abdullah Al Mamun plays a pivotal role in strategic decision-making, ensuring the company's operations are aligned with its objectives, and fostering strong relationships with clients and partners. His leadership, combined with his comprehensive understanding of the industry and business acumen, contributes to the success and growth of Green Dot Limited.
Overall, Abdullah Al Mamun's extensive experience, education, and expertise make him a highly skilled and capable professional in the field of environment engineering, water and wastewater treatment, and water construction. His contributions to Green Dot Limited are instrumental in driving the company's achievements and positioning it as a leading player in the industry.