Top Klean Water Purifier Review

Top Klean water purifiers are manufactured in the United States of America, but all the components are produced in Taiwan. The filters use the most effective and advanced water purifying technology, which is reverse osmosis. The Top Klean water purifier has been given the title of one of the best water purifiers, which guarantees the unlimited supply of clean water.

Reverse Osmosis Technology

To understand reverse osmosis, first we need to know what osmosis is. Osmosis is the net movement of particles from a solution of high water potential to a solution of low water potential, through a partially permeable membrane. A very common way in which osmosis helps the living beings is how plants take in water from the soil around their roots. In humans, osmosis plays a huge role in the gastro-intestinal functioning of the body, by helping us extract the nutrients out of the food. Osmosis also helps in excretion of the human body, making the kidneys work more efficiently.

Reverse osmosis, also commonly referred to as RO, is a process by which water is purified using a semi-permeable membrane that filters out unwanted pollutants from water, making it healthier and safer to drink afterwards.

Now, the process of reverse osmosis is just the opposite od osmosis. Here, external energy is required to exert the pressure for the process to occur. In reverse osmosis, particles move from a solution of low water potential to a solution of high water potential, through a semi-permeable membrane. Here, the saline solution with low water potential is called the brine, and the saline solution with high water potential is called permeate.

The brine is the concentrated solution with all the contaminants and dissolved solids which are unsafe for drinking. Permeate is the filtered out water, from which about 98% of the dissolved solids have been removed. Semi-permeable membrane allows the filtration to occur by allowing water molecules to pass through it, and blocking other larger particles like pests, contaminants, dissolved solids and other pollutants.

The pressure that is necessary for reverse osmosis must exceed the osmotic pressure of the naturally occurring phenomenon, which is osmosis. Reverse osmosis works by raising the pressure of the saline side of the reverse osmosis membrane, by pushing all the water past the semi-permeable membrane, leaving about 95 to 99 percent of the dissolved solids, contaminants, fluoride, arsenic and other pollutants in the contaminated stream. 

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Variants of Top Klean Water Purifier

Top Klean water purifiers use this technology which can effortlessly remove virus and bacteria from water in under a minute, and provides consumers with water that is safe to drink. The water purifier converts tap water into cleaner and healthier water. There are four different variants of the Top Klean water purifier. They are –

5 stages Top Klean RO purifier

This is the one that uses reverse osmosis technology, hence the name (RO) purifier. This purifier works through 5 stages to provide us with drinking water.

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5 stages Top Klean UV water purifier

The UV in the name suggests that the water purifier uses ultraviolet rays to eliminate germs and bacteria. This way of purifying prevents water-borne diseases like diarrhea, hepatitis and cholera.

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4 stage Top Klean water purifier

This uses a four step filtration, and gets rid of all the contaminants providing safe and clean drinking water.

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5 stages Top Klean Water Purifier

This works in 5 individual sages and filters out all the impurities from the water by directly taking in water from the supply line.

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The 5 stage Top Klean RO purifier

The five stages are –

  1. 5 Micron sediment (PP) – this removes sedimentary particles like dust, dirt, and rust.
  2. Carbon filter (OCB) – removes chlorine, fluoride, and arsenic
  3. Carbon filter (CTO) – removes unpleasant aftertaste from purified water
  4. Reverse osmosis membrane - this membrane removes the tiniest particles and just lets water molecules pass through
  5. Odor carbon (T33) – removes bad odor from the purified water

The filter is easy to use, inexpensive to maintain, and assembled entirely from factory. All the equipment is sterilized from the factory and ready for installation instantly after buying. The Top Klean reverse osmosis water purifiers are long lasting, and durable. Buyers get a year-long warranty upon purchase.

The filters inside the water purifier require changes in short time intervals. Since they clean the water, trap the dirt, dust and dissolved solids, the sediment filters and carbon filters require changes in between six months to a year. The reverse osmosis membrane also needs to be changed every two to four years.

Some contaminants are very microscopic, people cannot see them, but they can be detrimental to the health. However, in the process of purification, the filter also removes important particles like calcium and magnesium. This does not make the water harmful for us, because if we want calcium and magnesium in our diet, we can eat fruits and vegetables, or even take supplements.

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Stages of purifying

  1. Initially, the tap water goes through pre-filtration through the carbon filters and the micron sediment filters. Here all the larger particles like solids, pests, and other pollutants are removed to prevent clogging of the reverse osmosis membrane.
  2. This partially purified water goes through the reverse osmosis membrane where the tinier microscopic particles are eliminated.
  3. This purified water is then transferred to the storage tank, which has capacity of about 12 liters at maximum.
  4. A post-filtration occurs when the consumer turns the faucet on to drink their water.

The filter is very user friendly and can be used for a family of up to 10 members. The production capacity of the filter is 8 to 11.81 liters per hour. This makes the water purifier one of the most efficient and advanced filters in the world.

The contaminated water, or brine as we call it, can also be used for other purposes. It is not safe for humans, but it poses no harm to plants, so that stream of water can be used in lawns and gardens as well.

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Benefits of using Top Klean water purifiers

People who do not have filters usually boil their water, or buy bottled water from the markets. Both the options have drawbacks. Going to market time and again to manage drinking water is a huge hassle, and of course, when buying in bulk, bottled water is not that inexpensive.

When people boil their water at home, that is in fact very effective to kill 99.99% of the existing germs, but that itself is a hassle. You need a big vessel, you need to fill it with water, carry it to the stove, let it boil, let it cool, and then use it for consuming. The whole process takes up a lot of time.

Sometimes, letting the water sit can also activate some dormant bacteria and viruses. The fact that water-borne diseases are detrimental to humans need not be mentioned again. So, Top Klean water purifiers rid us of the expenses and save our time due to their efficiency and advanced technology.

Top Klean water purifiers get rid of particles like fluoride, arsenic, salts, herbicides, pesticides, and a majority of other contaminants. So, if you have read this far, you should know that yp=our homes are incomplete without the Top Klean reverse osmosis water purifiers. The prices range from Tk 3200 to Tk 10500, so the filters are very affordable and families can choose the appropriate ones for them based on their preference.

Without a high-quality water filter, a smart home is incomplete. Apart from the aesthetics of your home, you should also try to make it safe to live in by installing essential equipment like the Top Klean Reverse Osmosis water purifiers. It can help you keep your family's health and vigor in check. Installing a water filter is routinely recommended by doctors nowadays to lower the chance of developing water-borne diseases.

Health practitioners normally advise drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. High-quality purifiers make drinking water not only enjoyable, but also safe and healthful. Pure water is crucial for survival because it is required by nearly every cell in your body. If you drink clean, healthy water, it will have no effect on your body.

The filters can be bought online from their website, or people can call their numbers to book the filter, and then get a home or office delivery. There is also the option for customers to pick their desired water purifiers from the showroom itself. By now, you all can be ensured that Top Klean water purifiers is an amazing option for both home and office use.

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