Pureit VS Lan Shan Water Purifier

Water that is clean must be consumed to maintain good health. These days, it can be challenging to locate water that is pure, clean, and safe to drink. Water doesn't taste or smell good, yet it still contains useful minerals that are essential for the body to function properly. This is a result of things like population expansion, industrialisation, and environmental degradation.

Given this situation, it is even more important for us to be aware about water filtering techniques and the available solutions to ensure the cleanliness of our drinking water. Water naturally contains a number of minerals that are important for human health but may also cause a number of diseases if taken in excess.

Pureit water purifier review

Pureit is a brand that has won several international awards. It quickly became the most well-known brand of water purifier in the world, with sales in more than 9 countries. Families from all around the world have chosen Pureit as their source of clean drinking water, showing how much the global community believes in the brand. This demonstrates that Pureit offers the best household water filtration technology available.

All Pureit filters also follow the rigorous international standards for clean drinking water, such as those established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), USA. In Bangladesh as well, the filter receives the highest ratings. Due to these elements, Pureit is the leading producer of water purifiers in Bangladesh.

Pureit provides a wide range of purifiers to satisfy the user's various needs. Pureit is aware that different geographic areas have varying water supplies, both in terms of quantity and quality. Pureit provides 100% RO-purified water.

A reverse osmosis (RO) filtration method guarantees that impurities are removed from the water that may not be apparent to the unassisted eye. This state-of-the-art filtration system eliminates contaminants such as pesticides, viruses, bacteria, ions, and harmful substances from the water. Therefore, regardless of the quality of your water supply, Pureit purifiers may help you obtain clean drinking water.

The lead, mercury, arsenic, chlorine, and fluoride that are the main chemical pollutants in Bangladesh are eliminated by the RO technology used in Pureit filters. Pureit filters are therefore perfect for Bangladesh as well.

All Pureit purifiers come with digital water flow meters and energy-saving features. Both a flow sensor and a water flow warning are provided by this. Finding out the water flow from the pipes to the tank, the state of the filters, and some ideas about the water level in the tank are all easily determined using the digital display.

The Pureit Ultima is one of the best water purifiers on the market. This water purifier has a purity meter that tells you how clean the water is right now. A few days before the Germkill cartridge expires, the Pureit Ultima water purifier's digital advance alarm system lets you know so you may buy a new one. In 1L of water, it has the capacity to kill 10 million virus cells. Additionally, this filter is quite reasonably priced.

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Lan Shan water purifier review

Reverse osmosis technology company Lan Shan is based in Taiwan. 1993 saw the establishment of LAN SHAN Enterprise Co. Ltd. Reputable manufacturers of reverse osmosis systems, water purifiers, drinking fountains, commercial and industrial equipment, replacement parts, and accessories.

They manufacture high-end, cutting-edge filters, purifiers, and other equipment for purification. They have a reputable brand name all around the world. Their services cover design, planning, and implementation in full. After gaining a wealth of knowledge, they made the shift to contract production, product R&D, and mold design.

A company that specializes in water and water treatment technologies is called Lan Shan. They've spent the previous 15 years developing a special set of technological and scientific application skills, which they're still adding on.

Reverse osmosis technology is used by Lan Shan Water Filter to create its own models, creating a new line of attractive and useful water purifiers. Leading manufacturer of water filtration systems, Lan Shan offers solutions for the domestic, small-business, commercial, and industrial industries.

They have been providing their customers with a strong competitive edge across a variety of Lan Shan products, including household water purifiers, RO systems, booster pumps, carbon filters, PP filters, and more. You will be able to comprehend how these cutting-edge technologies work after reviewing the features of these Lan Shan water purifiers.

The major goal of Lan Shan is to raise the living conditions of its Bangladeshi clients by giving them access to safe, wholesome water. They promise to deliver the best water filtration products available, using cutting-edge technology, eco-friendly materials, and almost any water pollution issue.

Bangladesh's market for water filters has been taken over by Lan Shan Water Filter. Customers are not only happy with Lan Shan Water Purifier in Bangladesh, but are also drawn in by the eye-catching variants. In addition, Lan Shan collaborates with them to create unique components that are tailored to their particular requirements.

By removing 99.99 percent of these potentially harmful contaminants, Lan Shan Water filtration technology makes sure that your drinking water is 100% clean and secure. You really benefit from this technology, which also helps you save a lot of time. guarantees complete purity of the water, which boiling them cannot.

The purifiers help in the prevention of TB, cholera, typhoid, influenza, and other illnesses. Drinking clean water is essential for maintaining good health.


You do everything you can to make sure the water is safe to drink, including boiling and filtering it. Pollutants and squalor are still there, though. Water purifiers only facilitate your work while greatly increasing the amount of water that is purified.

In our country’s perspective, not having a purifier can be very lethal. Waterborne diseases can be fatal if prevention measures are not taken as soon as possible. Making sure that the drinking water you consume is secure and hygienic is the first step in prevention.

Pureit and Lan Shan both are very high quality purifier brands. And good news is you can find both of them at Water Shop BD. So, take your decision and run to the shop.

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