Aqua Pro Apro-501 Water Purifier Review

Aqua Pro Apro-501 water purifier is an improved quality and is produced in the United States . It’s one of the ideal water purifiers which guarantee the safety of mineral water . Under a minute, it dispels virus and germs from water and purifies it .

Not to mention this very water filter is a long lasting one which produces endless amount of water . This filter is the world’s most developed water purifier. It even removes the dissolved impurities providing us with safety from all water-borne diseases.

Aqua Pro Apro-501 is a Chinese branded filter that shall purify raw water . They even have nice customer reviews.

Product Description

Aqua Pro Apro-501 water purifier is an easy maintenance, compatible for users to use , sterilised and 100% factory tested equipment. This filter ensures us with no leakage for an extended period.

 The assembling of the components of this filter is quite easy . It can be installed under the sink or even wall. It’s dimension goes 40 × 27 × 40 cm .

  • A 5 stage filtration system along with reverse osmosis technology.
  • Ensures 100% pure drinking water .
  • The installation of accessories are included.
  • Sterilised and 100% factory ready .
  • Holds 150 litre water per day
  • Under sink type of water purifier
  • Ceramic faucet
  • Operation pressure 15 – 85 PSI
  • An USA based reverse osmosis membrane
  • This filter’s very origin is China
  • Feed water connector
  • It’s a family usable filter ( 1-10 ) persons
  • Filtration capacity is 75 GPD
  • It’s reserve capacity is 3.2G pressure tank
  • 6mm of Food grade white colour PVC pipe
  • Has an operating power of 220 volt
  • NSF certified
  • Comes with a 6 month warranty


This very filter comes with a minimum price providing us with 100% clean and safe water for a long period of time 

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Purification Stages

 1/  5 Micron Sediment

 2/ Carbon (OCB)

 3/ Carbon ( CTO)

 4/ RO membrane

 5/ Test/ Odor carbon (T-33)


  1. Drinking filtered, clean water protects our body from various diseases and leads to overall a great health
  2. By removing cryptosporidium and giardia from potable water , water filters decrease the risk of gastrointestinal diseases by 33%
  3. They ensure 100% safe drinking water .
  4. Water filters lessen the risk of colon cancer , rectal cancer and bladder cancer by dispeling chlorine and chlorine by products from potable water .
  5. The drinking of pure water is highly important for children
  6. In order to develop children’s immune system, water filters provide with the cleanest water .
  7. It protects us from over 2100 toxins present in drinking water .
  8. Water filters provide us with clean and safe water for drinking, cooking at the convenience of tap water .
  9. Retention of healthy mineral deposits to balance the pH of drinking water can selectively be done by a solid block carbon water filter .
  10. It gets rid of lead from drinking water and prevents it from getting in the body .
  11. Suitable for home and office use.


It doesn’t specifically have any disadvantage.

Provides Protection Against

Arsenic , TDS , Selenium , Perchlorate, Total Coliform , Odor , Iron , Heavy metal , Bacteria , Virus , Fecal Coliform, Chromium  Hexavalent, Chromium Trivalent , Barium , Turbidity and so on other toxins .

Aqua Pro Apro-501 water purifier provides us with protection from all these toxins .

Aqua Pro Apro-501 is capable of getting rid of over 95% of dissolved solids, +99% of all bacteria and +99% of all organics . It transforms the ordinary tap water into safe and clean potable water .

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Why Aqua Pro Apro-501 is the best in its brand ?

The Aqua Pro Apro-501 water purifier is designed with a five stage reverse osmosis water purification system.  It is to be utilized where the feed water has very meagre water pressure and where the source of water comprises higher than normal level of dissolved sturdy particles .

 Aqua Pro Apro-501 with its 5 stages RO water system provides us with safe and high quality water just at our reach . It fits all of our necessary water qualities. Consequently it’s the excellent one in its class . It is a highly recommended water purifier if you are looking for one to purchase.

This product is highly recommended as it is meets the standard of durability, quality and utmost utility. As it gives you great service with minimal cost as well as 100 % safe water , it should be obviously bought .

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Aqua Pro Apro-501 it is produced intended for guaranteeing flawless mineral and increment in pH name of your drinking water . It uses the remarkable properties of 5 stages RO water purification system . It is widely used in hotels , households, offices and factories. Hence you should opt for this very Aqua Pro Apro-501 water filter.

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